Why lackFocus

How addicted are you to Facebook? Its fun and its great to reconnect with friends and stay in touch with family, post photos etc... But I don't hear your voice in all of it (come on you know I don't mean that literally). There isn't real dialog. Honestly, are you that interested in what I am doing at this moment? lackFocus lets us carry on a digital conversation expressing your opinions

(and I know you guys have them) so we can really know the true you.

  • No rules here, but a few things to consider when you post;
  • Everyone is entitled to their opinion, regardless of how ridiculous it seems.
  • You get to speak your mind without interruption, physical interaction, or scrutiny. Very powerful. Please respect that and others. Name calling like a rapper if you don't agree just aint right....aight?
  • Got somethin to say, spit it out we will all love it. Crazy obsessed with it? Please don't hesitate to express yourself, but if its a manifesto please post it someplace else.
  • Don't even make me mention the whole nasty type conversation stuff. Makes me a little uncomfortable and you just never know when you might run for office.