Monday, February 1, 2010

Grammy Award Criteria - What is it?

Do you wonder what criteria the Grammy Award committees use when selecting the winners? Hey join the club. After seeing the results of the recent award winners at first I thought they used the following criteria
  1. Has the nominee been publicly humiliated by Kanye West? - that would narrow it down to 3, Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Kanye West
  2. What is the likelihood that we can get the artist to perform on the Grammy Award show to drive up viewership here and on our website?
When I checked out to see if I could get the actual criteria by category I couldn't find it anywhere. There is a fair amount about what qualifies a nominee for each category (see Nomination Criteria but nothing about the criteria used to evaluate the nominated work or works. Not sure if you can tell from this screen shot but ironically my search results on "selection criteria" yielded zero results.

I am pretty sure one of you artistic types out there knows how it works so please share. But if the awards left you scratching your head on some of the winners feel free to chime in as well.