Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Is Just Plain Wrong?

First let me say,

  1. I am all about getting a good deal. Who in their right mind wants to pay more for something?
  2. I shop at Walmart when I don't look so...great...sometimes bad (I should post my own picture up there)
  3. They are the #1 employer in the world and that says alot, especially in these economic times

I have occasionally visited and laughed - there I've said it. Mea Culpa! Is it ok to look and laugh? For some reason it feels wrong, but come on folks Walmart is a public place! I think maybe some of these people should be shopping online instead.

Btw...these shots I am sure some of you know...are tame.

Are you powerless over

Monday, January 25, 2010

Branjolina - How Many Is Too Many - Part II

Here is a real case of How Many Is Too Many? How about Brad and Angie are they headed for a break up? Consider this
  • You are a 46 year old male dubbed the sexiest man alive.
  • You have more money than you could ever spend
  • You live in the French Quarter.
So where does the too many come in? How about 6 really small children in 5 years? I don't care how much support they get from their Nannies, it's doubtful Brad gets out on his motor cycles as much as he would like. Mid-life crisis?

On the other hand, she is only 34 and dubbed one of the sexiest women alive. Should she have to put up with that mess of a beard? What do you think?

Hey we made the big time!

Hey 3 followers and we made the top of the google search results! So ok the search term is a little specific....