Sunday, January 10, 2010

How Many Is Too Many?

My house seems to be the local SPCA of the neighborhood. I have found homes for many cats and dogs that my neighbors irresponsibly abandon. When the 3rd "foster" dog became a resident, I easily rationalized that 3 chihuahuas are equal to 1 medium sized dog. Lots of people have one medium dog, some even have two, no big deal. However, when the elderly woman across the street was in a pinch and asked if I would take Peppy, a very young male chihuahua I could not turn her down and agreed to "foster" another dog. If you are counting, that makes 4. I quickly found out why they named the dog Peppy, makes a jack russell terrier look comatose. That made me think about how challenging it must be to raise kids. Not that I am comparing kids to dogs but comparing the patience required to raise kids and dogs. Here is what I see as the difference, eventually kids move on to a more controlled and calm level, but dogs not necessarily. They have their limits, they may calm down eventually but once a car chaser always a car chaser, or fence jumper or ankle biter. Plus you still have to bathe them, brush them and feed them even when they are old. So maybe we should consider raising dogs as trying as kids. What if your kids stayed at the highest development level that dogs reach? I am guessing more people would just have dogs. So when Peppy came on board it was like starting over and I was beginning to believe this dog wasn't going to reach the highest dog development level. But the good news is, Peppy is a dog and not a kid, so he has a new home where he is the only dog. I can now confidently answer the question of how many is too many.

What do you think?