Sunday, December 12, 2010

Can a Heart Rate Monitor Make You Re-evaluate Everything?

I have been a "runner" for a long time. I use quotes around runner, well because I am not the type that tries at races, tries to win or tries often to compete even with myself. Some years I run more than others, 20 miles per week to 55 miles per week. And some years I am not as slow as others, within minutes of qualifying for Boston to shamefully passed in a 10k by 3 guys dressed as Elvis pushing a stroller containing a very large boom box.

To be honest, I enjoy preparing and training more than the racing. So it's not surprising I haven't been all that interested in the new gadgets that can give you the competitive edge. I've driven each of my routes so I know the distances, I wear a sports watch and can do the math to figure my pace and check my heart rate. Who needs GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring, pace tracking, electronic training partners and wireless synching to your laptop? Wow pretty compelling.

So armed (literally and figuratively) with my new technology I set out on my usual route expecting to confirm all that stuff I knew about myself and other stuff that matters to the more competitive types. Uh, frighteningly not the case. I was convinced I was working hard on my runs but my new heart rate and other data was proving me wrong! My electronic training partner was beating me at everything, and I was sure I set her pace just slightly slower than what I knew I could run to be sure I could beat her every time. I was now breathing hard trying to run the pace I thought I had been easily running for months (years maybe?). How has this happened??? Thinking back, I realized somehow I had slipped into rounding digits and turns and stops, running slower and shorter distances. I won’t chalk this up to aging (never). Is it possible I had turned into a SLACKER? I couldn't possibly be like those other people - illusions of grandeur about my own work ethic or performance. And how far does this extend? How about my work? I always feel I am giving my all, could it be that I’ve slipped there too? What about with my friends and my family? O M G someone slap me. I am not sure if I am happy or sad I didn’t get this technology sooner. How do you keep up the pace without slipping?

Hopefully I can come to terms with this without shipping the damn thing back for a refund. In the meantime I think I will do what I have always done, put one foot in front of the other to keep moving forward and try to keep challenging myself.

Think about it, have you checked your data lately?

Garmin Forerunner 410 - Merciless

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