Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why lackFocus?

How addicted are you to Facebook? Its fun and its great to reconnect with friends and stay in touch with family, post photos etc... But I don't hear your voice in all of it (come on you know I don't mean that literally). There isn't real dialog. Honestly, are you that interested in what I am doing at this moment? lackFocus lets us carry on a digital conversation expressing your opinions
(and I know you guys have them) so we can really know the true you.

No rules here, but a few things to consider when you post;

  • Everyone is entitled to their opinion, regardless of how ridiculous it seems.
  • You get to speak your mind without interruption, physical interaction, or scrutiny. Very powerful. Please respect that and others. Name calling like a rapper if you don't agree just aint right....aight?
  • Got somethin to say, spit it out we will all love it. Crazy obsessed with it? Please don't hesitate to express yourself, but if its a manifesto please post it someplace else.
  • Don't even make me mention the whole nasty type conversation stuff. Makes me a little uncomfortable and you just never know when you might run for office.

1 comment:

Tina said...

Ah Facebook! Thanks to FB we all know what day it is, what color bra all of our friends are wearing as well as a lot of other things that we really don’t care about, like at the grocery store, etc. BUT…there are those who post some really interesting stuff that makes it all worth while. As far as addicted…it is cyclical. I can certainly live many days without FB but it can be very entertaining. Also, great tool for catching up and keeping up with some folks that you never would otherwise…and yes I have learned a few things about them.